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What is there in a kitchen other than those kitchen cabinets and furniture? The answer lies on thekitchen accessorieswhich are used as decor. Furthermore, it is important to use only eco-friendly ones to better save the world and to support the campaign of earth day. Reduce the negative impact on earth can be done by always choosing not harmful items for a better tomorrow, both for this generation, and of course next generation of future kids and families.

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Designs of Kitchen Accessories

First item of this green themed kitchen accessories design is old-school juicers to replace those electrical juicers. Surely it is energy-saving item which does not require any electrical supply and hence save money as well. Most of hand juicers are easier to clean, better than those electric appliances. Take a look at this Philippe Starcks Juicy Salif which combines beauty and quality and show it in style to the kitchen.

More Kitchen Accessories Items

Next, is to choose eco-friendly cutting board, which people may choose from any materials. For example, woods, bamboo, recycled paper, flax and cork, which all are durable. Those materials are nowadays easy to find, even in modern design to show owners unique taste. And, it is safe to use as it does not contaminate the food being cut. Recycled glass for dining ware is another way to save environment. It can be chosen from any colors people want as to their liking.

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