How to get Your Baby to Sleep While Teething

Teething affects different babies in different ways. Undoubtedly it can be a very traumatic time for some whilst others will barely notice it. If your baby is finding teething tough going you as the parent will not be having an easy time either. Sleepless nights followed by fractious days are no fun but there are things that can be done to help your baby get more sleep while teething.

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Tips For Getting Your Baby to Sleep While Teething

One of the best things you can do to get your baby to sleep while teething is to use store bought teething rings, the best option here being the liquid filled teething rings that can either be refrigerated (some people say to freeze them but I don't personally recommend this). These work well because the cold temperature soothes and numbs the babys gums. This option is better than most others because it is not messy and as well it is completely safe for the child.

Another great idea are Frozen bananas. All you have to do is take a banana and peel it. Cut the banana in half and take off the tips and remove all the stringy pieces. Then just put the banana in a freezer bag and basically leave it there until your little one starts experiencing teething pain at which point you can take the banana out of the freezer and let them bite on it.

Massaging the babys gums with your fingers is another great idea, just make sure that your hands are clean first of course, and then gently rub back and forth across the babys sore and swollen gums. This works to relieve the pain on the gums by equalizing the pressure going down the gums as is caused by the teeth coming upwards from underneath the gums.

Although it is difficult to see your baby suffering the discomfort of teething just bear in mind that it IS only a phase that all babies go through and inevitably get through.

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