In honor of finally choosing a paint colour!

I couldn't help up think of that famous saying from the first moon landing in honor of our success in finally choosing a paint color! Landing on the moon was quite the mission and, quite frankly, finalizing a paint color choice felt just as challenging. Actually, I feel drawing the parallel is fitting because our paint color choice isdrum roll please

Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.

I can hear your mind-brakes screeching to a halt. "Wait", you say"they already tried the color and tossed the idea".

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Let's begin at the very beginning, shall we.

After discovering my love of gray paint and finding all sorts of awesome inspiration images from the internet, catalogs, magazines, etc., I began researching the perfect color. I discovered that one of my favorite home blogs (Young House Love) used the color Moonshine by Benjamin Moore on the walls in some of their larger living spaces and based on what I could perceive on my screen it seemed like just the gray I had in mind and a good place to start.

Alas, after all that, we we're still standing just steps over the starting line and no closer to the finish. So, I took a breath and went back to the drawing board. I spend days scouring blogs, home design websites, and paint suppliers like Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams looking at paint. I read reviews and responses to different gray's and came to this conclusionI needed to get my samples mixed with the associated retailer and I HAD to try Gray Owl and Moonshine again.

To make a long story short, we initially had Moonshine (as well a Gray Owl) mixed in testers from Home Depot. Others have had success with color matching however, I am now convinced it doesn't work. As you will see in the following picture, Moonshine and Gray Owl (both Benjamin Moore colors) mixed by Benjamin Moore look COMPLETELY different from these same two colors that I had color matched and mixed in testers from Home Depot. (As always, I can definitely perceive the difference in person and I can see the difference on my computer's monitor but just in case it's not as obvious to youit's different, trust me).

Here is a comprehensive list of the final set of colors I was testing (all colors/paint are Benjamin Moore):

1. Cliffside Gray a front-runner in the competitionloved this but it was just a bit too dark

2. Classic Gray also nice but read more "creamy and tan" in my lightingplus is was very light

3. Gray Owl it was a photo finish between Gray Owl and Moonshine. Again, these two colors looked much different (for the better) once mixed in actual Ben Moore samples. However, in the end, Gray Owl read a bit "dingy" in my incandescent lighting so ultimately it was nixed.

4. Moonshine juuust right. Finally, I was getting a sense of "true gray" from this sample, not too light, not too dark, neutral to cool undertone, wasn't getting tones of other colorscan't wait to finally get this up on the walls and get some yummy white trim going to really pop against the gray.

5. Revere Pewter didn't hate it but way too tan.

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