Woodworking and Carpentry Safety Tips that should never be forgotten

Woodworking is an enjoyable hobby and/or profession but without having the appropriate safety measures in place, carpentry can be very dangerous. Almost everything in a woodworking workshop is potentially harmful. From the working tools to the raw materials and even the finished products, they all pose safety risk to the woodworkers as well as others who visit such workshops. Here are some basic woodworking and carpentry safety tips that must never be forgotten.

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The very first and fundamental rule is that safety should always be put first. When designing your workshop, be sure to put up basic safety tools and equipment in place. Ensure that your woodworking area or space at least has a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Once work begins, ensure that you always wear safety clothing. Make sure you have an apron to keep your clothes from getting soiled, closed shoes to avoid splinters and have your hair covered to keep the saw dust off your hair. When working on finishes be sure to have latex gloves on, safety glasses for the eyes when working on items that emit too much light or raise particles and ear muffs for when working with noisy equipment.

Proper ventilation should be ensured in the working area both during construction and afterwards. The exhaust system should be located as near to the area where dust particles are released as possible. This ensures that these particles are carried off as soon as they are emitted ensuring that the work area remains free from such particles which may cause respiratory diseases. All this dust should be collected in an appropriate way and disposed off. Cleanliness should also be observed to the latter so as to ensure enough ventilation. Vacuuming should be done on a daily basis and as soon as it is deemed necessary. This however is not the only cleaning method needed in woodworking workshops. Wet washing should be done to remove fine saw dust, wiping spills as soon as they occur and wet mopping of surfaces regularly.


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