Residential Window Cleaning

Our technique

How do we give your windows that almost-invisible appearance? Here’s our secret:

One window cleaning technician works on the inside while another works on the outside. They use a microfiber strip washer and a blend of water and our window cleaning detergent. This solution has been created to bring out the sparkle to any window or glass surface. Our trained professionals also use a special scrubbing pad that gets off that caked-on dirt. They may also use a window cleaning scrapper on any paint or construction debris if needed.

Making it shine…

Once the window has been scrubbed and soaked in our cleaning solution, a squeegee is used to wipe the water off. We then use a towel to dry the pane completely, especially where water collects. Our staff has also been trained to thoroughly wash and dry each screen. For those screens that have excessive dirt, we use our custom screen cleaning tool to rinse, brush and dry. This leaves the screens looking their best. Once we have brought the fresh clean look back to your windows and screes, we also clean the tracks and window sills. All our teams strive for excellence in cleaning. This is why we confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Please note: premium screen cleaning service is an additional cost.

Our Basic Cleaning Service Does Not Cover:

Window frames. While our staff will wipe the frames to remove dust and dirt from the surface, if you would like to have the frames included in your service please let us know before we offer you a quote.

Internal glass surfaces. Items like mirrors or inside doors will not be included unless you let us know at the time of quote.

Detailed track cleaning. Generally, our cleaning professionals will brush and wipe down window and door tracks. However, this service is not through enough to remove grime or grease that has built up over a long period of time.

Hard water stains. These stains require specific chemicals that are not in our standard window cleaning services.

Cement or mortar removal. Our basic cleaning services do not include the removal of cement or mortar from recently-built sites. This service is offered in our post-construction window cleaning service and will need to be requested at the time of quote.


When it comes to keeping your home looking great, clean gutters can make a big difference. If you are looking at selling your home, clearing away the buildup from your gutters will make a lasting impression. Regular cleaning of your gutters also helps ward off future expenses to your property that can be caused by water damage. Our professional cleaning staff will clear out the debris by hand and even auger your downspouts if needed.

Although they are often overlooked, gutters play a big part in keeping your home and property functioning. If they are blocked it prevents the water from properly draining off your roof. This opens the possibility of foundation or inner wall damage due to water accumulation. It can even cause damage to your shingles or roof. Regular care and cleaning is a wise investment in your home. CleanWindowsAndGutters can clear gutters in homes that are up to three stories tall.

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